TOP 5 Wholesale Directories for 2012

[Updated: 08/04/2012]

INTERNET is allowing individuals to earn large incomes by starting from minimal resources.
But how are successful traders doing it?
The answer is simple: they know WHERE to find products at real wholesale prices,
and they know WHERE to find good dropshippers.

We have reviewed the most and least known wholesalers and dropshippers directories available online. Inevitably many directories are poorly run and contain inaccurate information. So how do you make sure you invest in the right sources? We have picked only the very best, the directories that will have the greatest impact on your business, and rated them 1 to 5:

1. eSources UK       ->      BEST UK WHOLESALE DIRECTORY

Visit eSources UK
  1. The Largest UK Wholesale Directory: 50,000+ Listings
  2. The Largest UK Dropshippers Directory: 170+
  3. The Largest International Dropshippers Directory: 950+
  4. Suppliers are verified, helping prevent scams
  5. Membership Fee: Partly Free Instant Access from £9.99
  6. BONUS: Free eBay Business Handbook with yearly membership

Overall Rating: 9.9
The UK's largest wholesalers and dropshippers directory. Unlike hidden wholesale directories, eSources can be browsed and searched before joining.

We found the most up-to-date UK sources and exclusive contacts with great profit margins, including over 1100 dropshippers (170 from UK and over 900 international), and genuine up-to-date offers submitted by suppliers themselves.

We received regular updates and special offers by email, and the suppliers we inspected were genuine. Our buy requests were forwarded automatically to relevant wholesalers, who then contacted us directly with their quotes.

If you are serious about your business, this directory is not to be missed, it is very user friendly and packed with hundreds of profitable sources.

Visit eSources UK Wholesale Directory

2. World Wide Brands       ->      WORLD's BEST WHOLESALE DIRECTORY + UK

Visit World Wide Brands
  1. Number of Wholesalers: 6,000+
  2. Number of Dropshippers: 690+ from USA, Canada and UK
  3. Only USA directory to verify suppliers, helping you avoid scams
  4. Membership Fee: Directories $69.95, All Products: $197.00
  5. BONUS: Free Internet Marketing Ebooks

Overall Rating: 9.5
The largest USA wholesalers and dropshippers resource on the net, founded by Chris Malta, Product Sourcing Editor for eBay Radio. World Wide Brands includes US, UK and Canadian wholesalers and dropshippers, and it's the first point of reference for many US Powersellers.

World Wide Brands also distributes a number of free Product Sourcing eBooks and, for premium members, the Market Research Wizard, a handy software to check which products are currently the hottest sellers on eBay, very useful to identify the latest trends and niche markets.

We also received regular newsletters and tips, many featuring a new supplier.

Visit World Wide Brands Wholesale Directory

3. Simply Wholesale       ->      UK WHOLESALE PIONEER

Visit Simply Wholesale
  1. Number of Wholesalers: 1,000+
  2. Membership Fee: £4.99 for 1 month, £37.00 for 1 Year
  3. BONUS 1: Large Downloads area containing numerous eBooks and over 30 hours of training videos
  4. BONUS 2: Use promo code 5D5B8 to receive a £5 discount on Annual membership

Overall Rating: 9.0
The Simply Wholesale directory was launched in 2006 and features daily offers from the main wholesalers in the UK. It has a particular focus on items suitable for resale on eBay, and has a dedicated editorial team adding new offers on a regular basis. Founded by Richard Grady, one of the first entrepreneurs to develop the concept of verified wholesale suppliers directories back in 2002, it is an extremely useful resource for all serious market traders and ebayers.
Visit Simply Wholesale Wholesale Directory

4. SaleHoo       ->      Worldwide Wholesale Directory

Visit SaleHoo
  1. Number of Wholesalers: 1,000+
  2. Number of Dropshippers: 80+
  3. Membership Fee: $49.95
  4. BONUS: Auction Alert Software

Overall Rating: 8.0
The SaleHoo directory is regularly updated and includes a wide selection of wholesale offers, including worldwide wholesalers and trade distributors. Price tag high, but worth the investment for the serious trader. Membership also includes access to a course on importing goods from the Far East and several profitable Chinese resources.

Visit SaleHoo Wholesale Directory

5. Moda Imports       ->      Handbags/Accessories Wholesale Directory

Visit Moda Imports
  1. Number of Wholesalers: 1,000+
  2. Membership Fee: $39.99

Overall Rating: 7.5
Moda Imports offers a directory of authentic designer handbags and accessories importers, distributors and wholesalers. While the directory is specific to handbags and fashion accessories, due to the volume of searches that are carried out on the internet for designer bags, this directory is a gem in its own right. Created by one of the largest American direct handbag importers, with a trade volume exceeding $10 Million dollars, you can now get access to the same sources they have used to generate large profits.
Visit Moda Imports Wholesale Directory

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